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Din cuprins: Comrades or citizens? Support for democracy and market economy; Ideological self-placement: identification, sophistication, bases; Institutional trust? Victim of the postcommunist transition; Religiosity and religious revival during the transition period in Romania; Family values in Romania and in Europe; Social status and child-rearing values; Identity and axiological profile: value identifications for Romanian young people; Between tradition and postmodernity? A dynamic of value orientations in Romania: 1993-2005Major national or a global economic crisis can determine fast and longterm returns to traditional values, in the conditions in which the value orientations associated to modernity are not yet strongly consolidated in the Romanian structure of the culture. This can happen in the case of important increases of intolerance levels in the Western societies, with an explicit or diffuse direction towards emigrants, including Romanian emigrants. It is very unlikely that other stagnations of post-modernization in the West would significantly affect the value changes in Romania. As I have already shown, modernization is much more relevant in Romania than post-modernization. This makes the variations of post-modernization in other societies less likely to affect our own modernization process by contagiousness, even if the respective societies are the ones relevant for Romanians as reference group….

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