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    That Leviathan, the Public Mind - Georgina Oana Gabor

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     Explanatory note
     Take This Walz
     October, and Then November, and Then December
     Another September, and Then October, and Then November, and Then December
     December 31, 2020


    This book continues the story of Writing as Performance: A diagnosis of an education system in the manner of a personal narrative which includes episodes of social construction of reality through and within discourse. In doing so, it illustrates the theoretical claim that a paradigm shift from an informational approach to discourse to a communicational approach to discourse (Stanley Deetz) would free social agents from the exigency of relating to one another in ways which were already constructed for them for the purpose of surveillance, dominance, and control. Social agents may very well construct their realities through discourse on their own and so contribute to social values such as freedom, justice, and harmony from their singular positions. – Georgina Oana Gabor

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